Tell us a bit more about your business, audience and goals.

Sum up your business in a few short sentences; this is the essence that needs to be immediately obvious when visitors land on your new website.
Do you want to increase the amount of visitors, up the average order size, or boost the users on your web forum? Perhaps you want to encourage greater engagement via your blog, increase your brand visibility, or encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter/free trial/white paper, etc.
Have you any particular functionalities that need including on your new website? For example, a blog, website chat, social media integration, photo galleries, a separate mobile or responsive site, video integration, or a contact form.
Tell us about your dislikes. Removing something integrated into a website halfway through a project is expensive and time-consuming. List your least favourite websites, pointing out the design elements, features, and styles that make you shudder. This way, we can strike out potential failures before we get into the nitty-gritty of the project.
Discovering your main competitors provides us with another useful source of information. Once you’ve indicated your main rivals, we can gather the information that will help guide your web design. Look at the elements that work well on their sites, and see if there are things that fall flat. We're not trying to copy what’s been done before, but to learn from their successes and failures. By pointing out the things you do and don’t like on your competitors’ websites is another useful indicator of your likes and dislikes.
What is your unique selling point so we can design a site that stands apart from your competitors’. In the busy, noisy, competitive online world, businesses need to be genuinely remarkable to be successful. So how can you grab people’s attention when they land on the site? How can you make that tricky first impression count? This doesn’t have to be anything major; it can be as simple as a free consultation or awesome customer service. Other things that make businesses stand out include speedy or free delivery on products, stocking the cheapest or best quality products in their area, having an amazing guarantee or returns procedure, or offering unique packages.
What is the scope of your project? We need a clear understanding of your final deadline as well as any key milestones you want to meet along the way – this is crucial to keeping the project on track and ensuring we live up to expectations. We also need to know the budget.