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Increase site traffic and sales with our complete Digital Marketing Packages

Our digital marketing packages for SME’s can help you utilise SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Marketing, taking advantage of the many benefits they have to offer your businesses. We know that ‘social’, is important for your business, that’s why we have designed our digital marketing packages to give you the best results but at a low cost.

Who should you use our digital marketing packages? Our packages are best suited for small/medium businesses that want to reach out to their customers but don’t have the time to do it or don’t want to spend a fortune to get good results. Our job is to manage your reputation in the online world so that you have more time to grow your business.


Digital Marketing Goals

Increase Brand Awareness

Reach people more likely to recall your campaigns and increase awareness for your brand.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Increase the number of visits to your website through targeted campaigns.

Generate New Leads

Create campaigns that encourage consumers to fill in a form with their contact information.

Grow Revenue

Grow revenue by increasing signups or sales.

Boost Brand Engagement

Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page.

Build A Community

build a community of people with a shared interest, value and belief to your business.

Improve Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction and decrease customer complaints through Social Media.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting allows you to view key performance metrics helping you make decisions about how to optimise your campaigns

Optional extras

Our packages are designed for significant, sustainable growth, but to meet your specific needs or help you grow faster, we can add on your choice from these extra services:

Landing Pages

Landing pages provide many valuable advantages over sending customers to your homepage. They increase conversions and save you money.

Email Marketing

We handle every aspect of your Email Marketing, from designing email templates, creating and sending email campaigns, setting up forms and, managing your lists and segments.

Video Marketing

Video marketing involves using video to sell a product or service and can be leveraged on landing pages, in social media advertisements and more.

Social Media Scheduling

We offer a tailored social media scheduling automation tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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